Tenant FAQ - Your questions answered

Agent FAQ


How do I contact the customer service department?

You can email a client services representative at support@rentpay.com.au or contact us directly by calling 1300 797 933. Our Help desk is operational from 8:30am to 6:30pm AEST.

I really want to use the RentPay service but don't have access to the Internet.

If you do not have access to the Internet, feel free to use the RentPay phone service, AutoPay, BPAY via phone or cash at Australia Post. You can register for both services when you complete the online registration process. Please note that your Agent may not offer all payment methods.

When do I pay my fees?

RentPay levy your fees via direct debit from your nominated bank account on the first business day of each month. The amount will be made up of your membership fee plus any additional transaction costs that may apply to you. Please note this could take up to 3 days to process.

I can’t login to the RentPay website.

If you are having issues logging into the RentPay Website, please contact Rentpay Support on 1300 797 933 or via email: support@rentpay.com.au.

What if my Agent is not set up for RentPay?

If your agent does not currently support RentPay contact support@rentpay.com.au and we will contact your real estate agent to discuss the benefits of becoming a RentPay agent.


How do I become a RentPay member?

Click on the Register button above and follow the four steps to be signed up in no time! Upon successful completion of your application you will receive an email notification containing all your RentPay member information you need to start making payments. If you do not have internet access please contact support.

What is my Registration key?

This is a value given to your agent by Rentpay to identify their account. This ensures you get set up for the right Agent. The Agent should give this to you. However, if you don’t have it, you can contact RentPay support.

What if I don't remember some of my agent's details?

If you are unsure of your agent's details, we suggest that you contact them directly to confirm the correct details, before completing your enrolment information. If you are still unsure, email us at support@rentpay.com.au


What do I do if I lose or forget my RentPay Member information?

If you have lost your RentPay Member information please contact RentPay Client Services on 1300 797 933 or support@rentpay.com.au.

What Methods Can I use to Pay my Rent?

You can Pay your rent either using your Bank Account or your Credit Card.

Bank Account Methods:

  • Scheduled Autopay. Set up an automatic schedule to Pay your rent on time, every time.
  • Website. You can perform an ad-hoc payment from your Bank Account through the RentPay website.

Credit Card Methods:

  • Scheduled Autopay. Set up an automatic schedule to Pay your rent on time, every time.
  • Website. You can perform an ad-hoc payment from your Credit Card through the RentPay website.

How Secure is my Personal Information?

All Personal and Payment information is stored in a secure database that is housed in a high security datacenter. These premises are highly secure banking environments, so you can be assured that your personal information is protected and safe. RentPay is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard as further assurance your details are safe and secure. We undergo an annual audit to ensure our security practices remain Best Practice.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password at any time. Just login the tenant section of RentPay go to "settings" and select "Change Password" and follow the simple instructions.


When does the Agent get the money?

Direct Entry Payments take 3 days to process. So if you make a payment on Monday, the Agent will have the funds in their account on Thursday (+3 days). Add 1 extra business day if payment is submitted on the weekend.

Credit Card Payments are faster. They take 2 days to process. A Credit Card Payment made on Monday will be in the Agent’s account on Wednesday. (+2 days). Add 1 extra business day if payment is submitted on the weekend.

What are the fees associated with paying via credit card?

Paying by credit card incurs a surcharge of 1.25% for Visa/Mastercard and 2.5% for American Express. This surcharge is billed on top of the Rent payment, for example a payment of $500.00 from a Visa card will be charged at $506.25. For more information see the terms and conditions.

Do I still get charged the monthly fee if paying by credit card?

Provided no Bank Account/BPay/Australia Post payments have been made in the month, and at least one payment has been made by credit card, no monthly fee will be charged.

I don’t want to pay by Direct Entry or Credit Card.

Speak to your Agent about alternative payment methods.

I want to Remove a Bank account from my account.

Log into your account on the RentPay website, Click on the Change Details tab. select the Bank Account button , Click on ‘Unlink’ and follow the prompts. You need to have a Credit Card Registered in order to unlink a Bank account.

How Can I register a Credit Card?

Easy! Login to the RentPay Website, go to Change Details. select Credit Card and fill in the card details there.

How Can I set up an Automatic Payment Schedule?

To set up a autopay schedule, login to the Tenant site, navigate to Change Details tab, click on Payment Schedule and fill in the details there.